Game in early conceptual stages - development to start (for real) soon!

Run! Jump! Control silverware with your mind! CONSUME ALL!

What is this "Psycutlery" thing?

It's a spoon. And yet it's a fork. Or is it either? It's a 2D platform game for Windows, currently in development here at Eyes in Everything.

Join Lillian the Alien on an interstellar adventure to DEVOUR evil across the galaxy!

Try the proof-of-concept test demo down below!

See some screens!

More features than you can shake a spork at!

Let's play this thing!

As of right now, Psycutlery is still in the earliest stages of development. Please bear this in mind while playing the test demo, which serves strictly as a proof of concept.

It features one level, which is repeated throughout the demo for testing purposes. Its focus is to demonstrate the game's engine and graphical tileset, and therefore, is not meant to be indicative of any actual content that would appear in the final game.