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We make games!

Currently in development:

PSYCUTLERY - Run, jump, control silverware with your mind! CONSUME ALL!

Other creative endeavors:

LUKE T. ON ARTPAL - Doodles by the developer to decorate your wall!

Why "Eyes in Everything?"

As a collective of creative types, we seek inspiration everywhere, and in everything. To be truly inspired, an artist must become one with this inspiration—along with the very art itself.

Such immersion in one's craft - one's inner world - is not merely to keep one's eyes on everything, but in everything.

But mostly, the name refers to our founder's penchant for drawing eyeballs in literally everything. Especially in things that should not even have eyeballs. Like in silverware, for example.

The Eyes in Everything project was founded by illustrator and game developer Luke Tarlowe, joined by musician Jonathan Verge, who also manages the project's social media marketing. They have joined forces to create video games in a culmination of the arts, the sciences, everything in between... and beyond!